Ellis Faas equals LOVE!

So I have to be honest and start this post with saying that I had never heard of Ellis Faas cosmetics until a month or two ago. But there was this amazing day when my Lime Crime products came in the mail and someone gave me a set of 3 products and they were like very big bullets on the outside and the special thing about these products is that they can be attatched to each other.

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This is how it works. As you can see they made little clips that can be attatched to each other. You can find anything you're looking for in a second because you can keep them all together. I think it's a very good idea and I saw this guy on instagram wearing it like those "belts" they wear in the army to carry bullets. The clips are 2,00. When I was looking for pictures of the products I found this very cool belt. 

I got 3 of their products: a mascara, a eyeshadow and a lipgloss.
They were lying in my room for a month and I totaly forgot about them but when I ran out of my favourite mascara I decided to try the one from Ellis Faas.

This mascara is the best mascara I own, It's soft and my lashes are nicely separated and it's very easy to add another layer without it looking like spider legs. I have this mascara in black. This mascara is €23,00.

Because it's fall I wanted to buy a dark lipstick but I don't have the money so I decided to try the lipgloss from the Ellis Faas because it's a very dark red. 

Photo made by me.

This is the lipgloss, as you can see it's a very pigmented lipgloss. It stays on like forever but after a while it feels a kind of dry on my lips. The thing I like the best about this lipgloss is the pigmentation. To me it's more like a liquid lipstick because of the pigment and because it lasts even longer than my normal lipsticks. This lipgloss is from the milky lips collection and it is €25,00. the color is called L201.

The last product I got is a creamy eyeshadow. 

Photo by me

I haven't actually used it yet due to the fact that I just don't like creamy eyeshadows and I don't like blending them. The pigmentation is nice and it is almost impossible to remove it with water but even with make-up remover. This eyeshadow is from the creamy eyes collection and is €26,00. The color is E104.

All of the products mentioned can be ordered from http://www.ellisfaas.com/.

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Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!

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