Review: H&M matte lipstick

I've finally found a nice product to review for you guys! This time I'll be reviewing one of the new H&M matte lipsticks. H&M has launched 3 new matte lipsticks. A bright red one, a nude color and a dark purple.

 I decided to buy a different color so instead of buying a red one or the nude one I got a color named "Ladinski". Ladinski is a deep purple, the color depends on the light you're in. If you're outside it's a bright purple with a dark undertone but when you're inside it's more of a dark purple with a pink/red undertone. 

This color is.. let's just call it "different". I think different is amazing and I love being different but it's not for everyone. People sertainly do stare when you're sitting in the bus with purple lips but I don't really care. 

The quality of the lipstick is almost as good as the matte collection from MAC, the pigmentation is very good and you can make the color darker by adding layers. When you put the lipstick on it stays on for 4 to 6 hours and you don't even feel it. The lipstick is creamy and soft so it doesn't dry your lips out but it makes you check your lipstick many times because you dont feel it on your lips. 

The only thing I dislike about this lipstick is the packaging, it's plain and simple (which isn't bad at all) but when I opened it for the firt time it was already broken.

The H&M matte lipstick is amazing for the price, it's 4,95 and it's available at every H&M store with a beauty department.


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