Thank you santa!

Santa knew exactly what beauty products I wanted underneath the tree this year, maybe because I made a wishlist or maybe because Santa just knows everything. I am going to do little reviews on all of the products Santa got me.

The first thing I want to talk about is my Maxfactor ageless elixer 2 in 1 foundation and serum, I know my skin is still young and I don't really need an ageless elixer but the texture is just so nice and soft so after I tried this one from my grandma I wanted the same one. 

The packaging is realy simple, just a cilinder with a gold wrapper and the name of the product on it. I think this is exactly what the product is aswell, very simple and what you see is what you get. The foundation is very creamy and soft and it has the right amount of pigment in it because it covers redness but still looks like natural skin, this changes when you put a pigmented powder on top of it but I don't care if it looks natural or not.

The next product I want to say something about is this bronze smokey look kit from NYX. I swatched this in the Douglas when I went christmas shopping with my boyfriend and I saw this pretty box full of nude and earth tone colors. I've been very into these colors this fall so I said to my boyfriend "this is so pretty". So I guess he told Santa haha.

The pallette has 9 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses and for both an applicator with 2 sides and a mirror. 

The pallette has a little drawer with the lipglosses and the applicators. 

The packaging is very simple, a little black box with a little mirror and a drawer. This suits NYX very well because all of their packages are plain and simple but there is nothing wrong with that, NYX likes to let the product speak for it self instead of letting the packaging speak for it. 

The order of the colors are the same as in the pallette but turned to the right.

The product is just what I expected, different shades of grey and the lighter colors are a little less pigmented but overall the pigmentation is very good. The colors are easy to blend. 

Another thing on my wishlist were tweezers from tweezerman.

So my mom.. uh I mean Santa!! got me tweezers from tweezerman! They say you'll never have to replace tweezers from tweezerman if you treat it wel and keep on cleaning it. This one has a flat tip and it's PINK!!!

I never knew elfs were allowed to give presents to but a little elf named onyx gave me this little jar filled with unicorn poop. 

The only way I can describe this awesomeness in a jar is anything related to unicorns, these glitters are called the "zodiac glitters" from lime crime. The colors are called scorpio. The packaging is magical and it reminds me of fortune tellers. 

The glitters are purple, green and blue mixed together.

The last thing is this amazing matte lipstick from mac.

This lipstick is again a burgundy because I love this color!

It looks just like a lot of lipsticks from mac, Black with a little shimmer and silver accents.

The color is called "Diva" a friend told me the name of this lipstick suits me haha.

Left swatched one time. Right swatched twice.

The lipstick is matte so it is a little dry when it has been on your lips for a little while but when you are putting this on it feels like you're putting velvet on your lips. I am so happy with this color, it's that perfect burgundy I've been looking for since the beginning of fall. This lipstick stays on for 2 to 3 hours on my lips and that means a lot because nothing stays on my lips for that long.

These were my reviews of my christmas presents, I hope you liked it. :)
What did Santa got you this christmas?

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