Sweather Weather Tag

Another tag! yaaaaaaaay :)
This tag is about fall/wintery stuff and I got tagged by reading this blog post from beautylab.
Sweater weather tag
1.    What is your favorite scented candle?
The Riverdale cinnamon and spice candles are like heaven in candle-form!

2.    Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I love hot chocolate but after one cup of chocolate I always get nauseaus, when I drink hot chocolate I like to use a candy cane as a spoon so it has a little touch of mint. I also love love loooove tea! My favorite tea is Lipton Blueberry muffin and every brand of orange flavoured tea.

3.    Do you change your beauty routine in the fall/winter?
Yes, I use more foundation and lots of different shades of brown in my eyeshadow, I also use more nude an burgundy colors on my lips.
4.    What is your favorite "holiday food"?
Dessert! I don't like a lot of different foods but you can always make me happy with desserts. I would like to have a christmas dinner with instead of meat and stuff only desserts.
5.     Hat or scarf?
Both, I have a very cute hat and also a very nice and warm scarf.
6.    What's your favorite sweater?
I don't have a lot of winter clothes so I don't really have one.
7.    What is a musthave nailpolish this fall?
Anything burgundy! Burgundy is my favorite color this fall and especially on clothes, bags, shoes, lips and nails.
8.    Boots or Uggs?
Uggs are just way too ugly but they are so cosy! Unfortunately that is not an excuse to pay so much money on such ugly shoes. I like to wear sneakers or boots, I like the trend with the leather sneaker look on the outside and on the inside faux fur.
9.    What do you like the most about fall?
The colors of the trees, the ice on the grass that looks like someone has sprinkled little crystals all over it and of course putting a lot of make up on everyday!
10.  Heb je een favoriet liedje dit najaar?
I like almost every christmas song but right now I like Royals from Lorde and Lilly Allen's Hard out here.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I am so sorry for not posting in such a long time but I am vey busy, I really try to make this work. If you want you are free to make a video or a blog post on the same tag :)

What do you like most about winter time?

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Talk to you soon!
Joëlle :)

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