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I've bought some new products and I cant wait to make a review of this.
So the products I got are 3 lipsticks (yes again lipsticks... I'm obsessed haha.), because I was on the quest for my perfect burgandy/oxblood color I got 2 burgundy lippies and a pink one.
If you want to read more about my quest for the perfect burgundy lipstick and my winter favorites click here.

The first lipstick I want to talk about is a Catrice lipstick. The Catrice lipstick is a bugundy color but it's more like a gel, it has more effect than a tinted lipbalm but less than a actual lipstick.

The packaging is very simple, it is all mirrory and shiny and it has "Catrice" on it.

The color looks pinkish in this picture but it is a bit more red when you put it on your lips. The color is not what I was looking for but it is very pretty, When I want something on my lips in fall but not something too heavy this is my go to lipstick. This lipstick costs about 3,99 euro and it is worth the money but if it was more expensive (even 1 euro) I wouldn't have bought it.

Moving on to a hot pink from hema. This lipstick is creamy and doesn't need layers or anything.

The packaging is very simple, just a see trough and silver.

The color is a very bright pink and I think this is amazing pigmentation for such a small price.The color is a very hot pink with a red undertone (the undertone looks more purple in the picture.) The lipstick fades pretty quick so you have to keep checking the mirror because you don't want this bright pink to turn into a lipliner. This lipstick is from hema and it costs 2,50 euro. it is number 23 from the pure shine collection.

The last buy I want to share is the hema lipstick I mentioned in my previous post. You can read that post here. 

This is the same packaging as the previous lipstick, very simple.

This color is a metallic burgundy/oxblood. I love this lipstick because even when this fades it looks like it has been done on purpose. This lipstick only needs one layer and it has a very pretty shine. It is very soft and creamy. This lipstick is also from the pur shine collection and this is number 29. This one also costs 2,50.

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  1. Super leuk! Ben echt jaloers op je, haha. Je bent zo goed met make-up. Jij komt er wel als makeup-artist!

    1. Jij jaloers op mij? haha jij bent de gene die er altijd leuk uit ziet (en ik ben jaloers op je fotografie skills hahaha)!

  2. I really like the last one, from Hema! :D


  3. Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks are more pigmented, if you ever feel like experimenting without - very wise of you - departing from that price range ;-)


    1. I'm sorry, this is so late!! but yes, I have those as well and I really like catrice :)