Winter (lip) favorites

Ever since the leaves started to fall of the trees my obsession started, for some reason I've created an obsession for the color oxblood/burgundy. Normally I hate red. In fact, I have hated the color red for as long as I can remember. I don't know what happend but when all stores turned burgundy for fall I fell in love with this color.

This little story about my love-hate relationship with red has a reason, I will admit that I didn't like lipsticks when I just started using them but I have a grown to love lipstick and right now I love to try out new colors. 

I saw a lot of make up artists on instagram swatching oxblood colors so I went on the quest to find the perfect oxblood color which is affordable. My quest ended about 2 weeks ago (after a month of searching for "the one") when I walked into a store called hema. I needed to find my perfect color but everything was too purple or too red and I sat on the ground in the hema for about 15 minutes when my mother said "what about this color?". I thought it would be too dark but when I swatched in on my hand it was just love at second sight. 

The packaging is very simple, the color is number 29 of the pure shine collection.

The color is not as dark as it looks on the stick it self, you can't see it in the picture but the color is almost a metallic red and because it's metallic it isn't too dark for a pale girl like me.

The quality of the lipstick is very good compared to a the price, it stays on my lips for almost 3 hours and to me thats amazing because no lipstick has ever stayed on my lips for over a hour and a half.

The lipstick costs 2,50 euro and is available at every hema with a beauty department. 

Another favourite for my lips this winter is my Ellis Faas Milky Lips lipstick/gloss in "Blood red" this is also called "L201". I have written a review about this previously, if you want to read this full review you can click here. The color is also a dark red and it is shiny and glossy but without it being sticky. I can't call it a lipgloss because it stays on very long.

The packaging is shaped like a long bullet and you can turn the bottom so product will come out of the top onto the brush.

You can choose if you want your color to be just red or more like an burgundy color, you can add layers to make the color darker and deeper. Don't put too many layers on because you don't want it to get on your teeth. 

The quality is just lovely and it stays on forerver. What I love the most about this is that it isn't lipstick but it continues to stay shiny until you eat or dink something however the color stays on even without the shine, I perfer it with a glossy touch.

This lipstick/gloss is being sold here. It costs 25 euro's and the qualitiy is just perfection..!

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